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Available Memberships

Regular Membership - $30 - Voting
Associate Membership - $30 - Non-Voting


Membership agrees to abide by bylaws, policies and procedures that govern the Hidden Valley Community Association.

Memberships will not be renewed if not in good standing.

You can apply and pay online

A paper copy is available in the community newsletter.

Membership Benefits

Successful, healthy communities are generally those with active and sustained membership and involvement of community residents. Your support today is important and ensures new energy to continually address community issues. Your membership fee gets you:


Hidden Valley has many volunteer opportunities for anyone willing to share their time and talents.

Let us give you a few examples:

HVCA Board of Directors
-There are many Board positions to choose from
HVCA Committees
-Playground Committee
-Building Safer Communities
-Community Clean-up
Community Activities
-Winter Festival
-Egg Hunt
-Block Party
-Other Events
-Coach and assistant coach
-Field Marking
-Wind-up BBQ
Hidden Hut and Outdoor Rink
-Mowing Lawn (Spring)
-Sweep Rink (Spring)
-Flood Rink (Winter)
-Snow Removal (Winter)
-Outdoor Rink Repair (Fall)
-Bottle Drive
-Run the Loop

Here is a message from Mayor Nenshi about volunteering.

Please contact the HVCA Secretary for more information about volunteering.