Calendar of Events

For more information on HVCA events, email the Events Director
*All dates and times subject to change
*All Activities are held at Hidden Hut and Outdoor Rink #10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW unless otherwise stated.

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January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020


The HVCA hosts various events throughout the year, with these goals in mind:

  1. Increase Community Association Awareness
    (recruit volunteers)
  2. Encourage Community Association Membership
    (Offer an animal/petting zoo activity (3-5yrs)
  3. Provide Community with an excellent Rink Facility
  4. Foster a Safe and Caring Community
    (Connect families together with young children (3-5 yrs)
  5. Secure Financial Health and Sustainability