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Hidden Valley Community Association Spring Sports FAQ

Q. Does HVCA Spring Sports program qualify for the proposed Childrens Fitness Tax Credit? 

A. Yes. This program meets the criteria for an eligible activity. For more information on the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website. 

Q. We missed the deadline for the late registration. Is there any way that we can still register? 

A. No. Team rosters, uniform ordering, etc., are all based on the number of players at the close of registration. It creates a significant logistical challenge if we have a continuous trickle of late registrants. 

Q. We do not live in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch, can my child register in HVCA programs? 

A. Yes. There are no restrictions regarding residency in Hidden Valley. You will need to purchase a Non-Resident Membership for those living outside of Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch first before registering, which is the same price as an Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch Family membership ($30).

Q. How do you determine what the cut-off is for the age categories? 

A. The age category is based on how old your child will be in the current calendar year. For example, if your child turns 7 in August, they would play in the U8 age category this season even though they are technically 6 during the outdoor soccer season. 

Q. My child is a little young for U4, can he/she play?

 A. The expectation level for U4 soccer is not very high. Children who are just over three years old may be permitted to play if there birthday is before May 1st 2015. The key is whether or not your child is already developed enough to pay attention to the coach, run, kick, and play with the other children, and ages for this vary. 

Q. When I try adding another participant during registration it does not seem to work?

A. During registration if you are having trouble registering another participant do not click on the drop down menu when you get to the screen "add another participant" just click on the GO button and it will redirect you to the list of participants in your family. 

Q. I have never coached before however, I am interested in volunteering for a coaching position. Can I be considered for one of these positions despite my lack of experience? 

A. Absolutely. We will be providing a Coaching Clinic - Soccer. All you need to start out with is enthusiasm and commitment to do your best. 

Q. My child would like to be on the same team as last year. Is that possible? 

A. No. Teams are formed each season by the coordinators for each particular age category based on registration numbers and the ratio of males to females. When you register, you will be asked to specify the name of one child that your child would like to be on a team with. We will do our best to ensure that your child gets to play on the same team as the one child that they requested. 

Q. Once the season is underway, who should we contact regarding weather cancellations? 

A. Your coach will be involved in the decision on whether the game will proceed based on current weather conditions. We have had instances where it was raining downtown and sunny at the fields. If in doubt as to whether or not a game will run, contact your coach. As a rule of thumb, matches will only be cancelled if it is unsafe to play. Examples include (but are not limited to): thunder and lightning, hail, waterlogged pitches. Ordinary rain is not normally considered a reason to cancel.
Please make sure you wrap up warmly and appropriately if it is cold and/or windy. Children can wear hats, gloves, clothing underneath their soccer jerseys or wear long pants underneath (or instead of) shorts. Please remember parents/spectators are especially vulnerable to the cold or wet weather as they are not running around.

Q. After registering, do I need anything else to prepare for the season? 

A. Shinguards are highly recommended, and can be purchased at a local sporting goods store like SportsChek, Kicks, or Play it Again Sports. Your child will be provided with a shirt or uniform on the first day of soccer. For footwear, cleats are optional. Whatever your child wears should not pose a risk to other players, especially at the younger age groups. 

Q. What is the U8 Minifest? 

A. The U8 Minifest is sponsored by the Calgary Minor Soccer Association, and brings together Calgary area community teams for a large tournament/festival. It will be a healthy opportunity for your child to travel and meet nonlocal teams in a friendly tournament type atmosphere. In the past, Hidden Valley teams have done well and enjoyed this event, based on reports.

Q. Do we play soccer on Victoria Day?  

A. No games will be scheduled on Victoria Day. 


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