Community Contacts


The Hidden Valley Community Association serves Hidden Valley, including Hanson Ranch in Hidden Valley. 

Borders are defined as follows:

  • North: Stoney Trail
  • East: Beddington Trail
  • South: Country Hills Boulevard
  • West: Shaganappi Trail
  • City Quadrant: North West


Check out this page for information on recent bylaw postings (snow route changes, new traffic signals, etc).

Local Little Free Library

I am a resident of Hidden Valley since June of 2005. I have recently 'opened' a Little Free Library on my property (143 Hidden Cres) and am hoping to get the word out to the community. I have registered it with  the worldwide Little Free Library organization  ( ) and am awaiting my charter number  and to be placed on the world map, but I also think that some local promotion would be beneficial. If you are unfamiliar with the concept,  it is simply a box placed on one's property into which donated books are placed so that anyone and everyone can freely access them at absolutely no cost. It is hoped that they will, in turn, return the book after use, or donate additional books of their own. So far it has been very well received on our street and has been well used and is brimming over with donated books! I sincerely hope that the HVCA will  find a spot in the newsletter to promote it to the community as a  whole. Thanks so much for your time. LYNETTE T.


Election information: ( 

City of Calgary

Calgary Transit

For a quick commute to work and school,  Hidden Valley and Hanson Ranch currently has the following bus routes available:

  • 8 (Brentwood/Northpointe)
  • 62 (HV Express)
  • 118 (Hidden Valley)
  • 420 (Kincora) 
  • 430 (Sandstone/Airport)
  • Please visit Calgary Transit for routes and updated schedule information.

For those that want to take advantage of car pooling, please visit  Carpool to sign up.

If you have any questions or concerns about City Transit, please call 403-262-1000

Working together to create opportunities to connect with friends and neighbors in our community!


Neigbhourhood Partnership Coordinator Amanda Turvey
Community Social Worker Marcia Dupuis
Nose Creek Sports & Rec Ben Banks 
Community Liaison Resource - CPS Randy McDonald
Ward 3 Councillor Jyoti Gondek
MLA Calgary - Northern Hills Jamie Kleinsteuber 
MLA Calgary - Foothills Prasad Panda
MP Michelle Rempel 
Catholic School Trustee Margaret Belcourt 
Public School Trustee Lynn Ferguson
Airport Authority Noise Committee
YYC Noise Concern Hotline 403-735-1408

Community Leaders

Who are our leaders in our Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch?

Hidden Valley Community Association
10504 Hidden Valley Dr NW Calgary, AB T3A 4Z2

Email: or visit our Contact Page