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Recent News
  • Apply for your HVCA membership online - apply and pay online . It's quick and easy and only $30! 

  • Facebook: Guess what? Hidden Valley Community Association (HVCA) has a Facebook Page! It's an awesome tool to keep in touch with your fellow neighbours and community members! HVCA is on Facebook spread the word!   HVCA is also on Twitter - our handle is @HVCAhiddenhut


  • As of December 22, 2016 the rink is open!

  • The City of Calgary just posted some new demographics about Hidden Valley. Please click on the links below for more specifics, but some of the highlights include:

    • as of 2011, we had 12,105 people living in Hidden Valley, making a median income of $107 000

    • of those 12,105 people living here, 9,240 are 15 and over

    • 80% of us drive to work vs 70% city-wide

    • Compare that to taking transit, which is 13% of HV/HR residents take transit vs 17% city wide

    • Here are the source documents for these statistics

  • Email addresses and Spam. Please note: if you are looking to email someone via our website, we have recently gone through and changed the email addresses to be (for example)    sports(at)hiddenhut(dot)org . This is to try and cut down on the amount of Spam we are receiving. An example of a full email address would be janedoe@hiddenhut.org but instead it will now read janedoe(at)hiddenhut(dot)org. You will have to type out the email address by hand. Thank you for your patience.

Why do we love living in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch?

  • Three schools within our community
  • Quick commute to work
  • Friendly neighbours
  • Wonderful neighbourhood
  • Having an outdoor rink
  • Many parks and pathways


Hidden Valley Community Association
10504 Hidden Valley Dr NW Calgary, AB T3A 4Z2

Phone: 403-275-9394 (leave message)