Welcome to Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch!

Tree Debris Update

Special Notice: 

The City of Calgary has opened a ‘Tree Debris drop off location’ at the Hidden Hut #10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW. 

Hidden Valley is 1 of 33 drop off locations in Calgary - avoid long waits at the landfill!

Tree debris, grass and leaves can all be brought to this drop off location for mulching - as long as it is NOT IN A BAG...

Also - All three City of Calgary landfills – Spyhill, Shepard and East Calgary – will accept tree debris from the snowstorm at no charge until further notice. Customers arriving at the scalehouse should identify that they are bringing tree debris. It must not be mixed with any other waste material for it to be accepted free of charge. The tree debris will be stored in designated areas of the sites for future mulching.

Why do we love living in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch?

  • Three schools within our community
  • Quick commute to work
  • Friendly neighbours
  • Wonderful neighbourhood
  • Having an outdoor rink
  • Many parks and pathways


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Hidden Valley Community Association
10504 Hidden Valley Dr NW Calgary, AB T3A 4Z2

Phone: 403-275-9394 (leave message)